Most of the first day was spent wandering the show floor from Three to Nine, checking out the big booths before the maddening hordes arrive tomorrow.

Here are some photos.  Taken from my cellphone.  Sorry about the resolution.

Hall 1C, the Stockyards. This was taken at 2:25 PM, and only includes the regular 4-Day pass holders. Upstairs was a long line for the professional passes, as well as the VIP pass holders. The VIP line was let in at 2:55, and was cleared by 3, when I moseyed in right behind them.
(No, not where you check your coat.) This is new, and I don’t think ReedPop advised attendees. This exists at every entrance. Will it cause a backlog? No idea, but either come early, or stroll in later.
The view from the Lego booth. Why? Because Lego doesn’t make enough money from kids, geeks, and AFOLs. Next January…
…the first sets arrive. Lego usually launches their new sets after the holidays, to help their bottom line.
In the booth next to Lego, is DC. Here is a relief (not a mural!) made from Lego bricks. (Lego also had a giant Hulk statue, as well as Darth Maul, Gandalf, and Bilbo Baggins.)
Another view, which shows the dimensionality.
The “MADtropolitan” Museum of Art. Just like the Archie exhibition at MoCCA, this too doesn’t credit the artists. Kinda embarrassing, as one of the artists on the wall is Jim Lee, painting “The Incredible Infringement Man”! (Also shown: Bruce Timm, Frank Miller, J. Scott Campbell, and Art Adams.)
Hey! DC has a store at their booth! And they’re selling graphic novels!
Coolest DC swag: the Aardman Batman for sale over at the Graphitti Designs!
Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, the patron saints of Internet snark.
Appearing at the Shout! Factory booth. Joel will make an appearance later this week.
One Piece figures, at the Bluefin Booth, #1810. Nicely sculpted. I’m not a fan, but I’m curious who these characters are. Especially that Funk King in the background.
Another view.
No idea what exactly this is, but it is nicely done.
Godzilla vs. Ghidorah
A nice selection of wigs. Something for everyone at NYCC!
Whoa… never been in Javits at night. This was taken at 8:45 PM, after I had spent the entire day on the show floor. It’s kind of like visiting your grade school during Open House…everything looks and feels different.
Seen on the subway . Note the spit curl.

Any pics you’ve found online?  Feel free to share yours!


  1. the “Unknown” Cut away Robot is of Mazinger Z (Shogun Warrior) aka Mazinga Z (a once caller Tranzor Z) great Go Nagi: anime figure – I am at booth #701 Great Show !!

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