By: Henry Barajas

I’ve never seen My Little Pony but I know one when I see it.  I thought it was a cartoon for little girls but apparently it’s taking over the world. HASBRO and HUB TV representatives Jayson T Hiessen, Meghan McCarthey, Mike Vogal and Brian Leonard were just as fearless as their fans. They answered all the questions you wouldn’t normally hear in your living room.


Someone asked if there will ever be a Pony video game and the crowd got so excited it turned in to the New York stock exchange.  The Pony fan base is so big and dedicated a 48 year old woman complimented the panelists for their work and felt the need to announced her age.  I was sitting in a row full of bronies and one was dressed as a Pony named Pinky Pie.  The panel became a pitch meeting for future My Little Pony episodes and merchandise.  IDW recently announced the comic book series, the panelists assured the attendees the comic will be every bit as “Pony” as the show.  After attending the panel I now want to read the comic and watch the show.  With friendship and magic NYCC made a bronie out of me.