Yes, _another_ new Superman costume. Change is the new normal.

DC’s Superman panel didn’t exactly have any surprises.  Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel were unveiled yesterday as the new Action Comics team, post-Morrison.  As widely rumored, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee were announced to be working on a new Superman title, though the actual title was not named.  We’ll see if it turns out to be Man of Steel, which has been part of that persistent rumor.

2013 should be an interesting year for Superman.  Kal-El has not fared as well as others in the New 52.  The sales rankings for September show Action Comics as the #5 DC title with Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern and Detective Comics all outselling the flagship Superman title.  The self-titled Superman is DC’s #11 book, although that one hasn’t been able to hold on to a creative team (with the current team having started with last month’s #0).

Action hasn’t really held on to its initial sales the way Batman or Justice League have, despite the presence of the Grant Morrison.  With a movie on the way, it makes sense that DC would throw it’s premiere artist, Jim Lee, and one of their hottest writers, Scott Snyder, at the franchise and see if they can create something that breaks the 100K sales mark.

Snyder mentioned he would be writing the main story and the backups, so it’s probably safe to assume this will be a 40 page, $3.99 book.

Past that the most pertinent information would seem to be that Andy Diggle’s model for Superman is Christoper Reeve and his sense of dignity and that DC is showing absolutely no signs of returning to the normal Superman costume.  (Although it’s silly to think they’d revert with the movie and its costume not out yet.)


  1. I’ll be picking this up for sure. Snyder hasn’t let me down yet. Although lets all hope that the first story line doesn’t last for a whole f#@king year (like Batman did!)!!!

    So your saying Action Comics being DC’s 5th best seller (out of what? 70 titles a month?) is a flop? ….. Boy, are you hard to impress! I’ll at least stick around for Diggle’s 1st -2nd issue. And then judge from there. Hoping Daniel’s art looks like it did from Batman 701-702 – his Batman was way solid. And thats how Superman should look. :)

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