Finally, we’ve blogged the hell out of New York Comicon, just so you know what is going on. but as we sit back in wheezy, queasy exhaustion, perspective begins to rear its ugly head, and we remember that what is really important about this show is the basics: getting jiggy.

For instance, blogger “Hey Lady” seeks a Geek Date figuring the socially awkward males of comics will be easy pickins.

But really, Comic Book Conventions should be a great place to meet guys. We’re talking about a virtually untapped market. In theory: for a smart, (somewhat) attractive girl, getting a date should be like shooting fish in a barrel, no? Thousands of men are gathered in one place (granted, some of them are taken; some are gay; some, undoubtedly, live in their mothers’ basements) with a very small proportion of available women around. The statistics alone would lead us to believe there have got to be a few good men in this crowd.

And this is where my challenge begins.

5′ 6″
30 years old

To get a date at Comic Con

WHERE: New York Comic Con 2007, Jacob Javits Center
WHEN: February 24-25

You can see pictures of the lady in question in the link, which we found via ComicMix (which still doesn’t have an RSS feed!)

Irrepressible Frazier Irving put it in even simpler terms that all could relate to in an Engine thread bemoaning pros having to pay for badges.

Main reason I’m going to the con is as an excuse to indulge in a week of sex-in-fancy-hotel-rooms and the tourist thing with the missus.

There you have it. Perspective.


  1. Hey Lady’s “Geek Date” entry reminded me of those mid-1980s Cosmo articles touting Alaska as a great place for single gals because of the lopsided ratio of men to women.

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