Here’s my piece for PW on The ICV2 conference with coverage of the white paper, kids panel, digital panel and worldwide publishing panel.

Analyzing sales by channel, graphic novels are up 13% in the comics specialty market, and down 18% in bookstores, still recovering from the loss of Borders.

Digital is showing growth all the way, however. Griepp estimates digital sales as $25 million in 2011 and at least three times that for 2012. “It’s a time of profound change for all three channels,” he said, noting the growth of digital platforms, the rise of Amazon, the emergence of a worldwide market for comics via digital and the evolving bookstore situation. However, he expects bookstores sales to rise in the second half of the year, as numbers stabilize from 2011’s Borders liquidation and DC’s strong backlist recovering from its removal from B&N last year following a scuffle with Amazon.

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