And now we enter into the world of NYCC, with sprawling corridors filled with multi-limbed octopeople, powerpoint presentations, and announcements. Marvel have today announced that they are to continue their series of ‘Season One’ Graphic Novels, with the release of Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor books. Telling the origin and first adventures of these Marvel characters, the books will each contain roughly six comics-worth of content. The creative teams, they are as follows:

  • Iron Man: writer Howard Chaykin and artist Gerald Parel – April 2013
  • Thor: writer Matthew Sturges and artist Pepe Larraz – October 2013
  • Wolverine: writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (WATCH THIS SPACE, BEAT FANS) and artist Salvador Espin.

They’re still very far away. But until then, Newsarama have an interview with Chaykin about the first of the three titles, complete with a look at the art for his Iron Man story. Here’s a cover for the book, the only one of the three to be released thus far:


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