Who knew NYCC was going to be comics to television central?  First Ed Brubaker sells two pilots, now Oni’s The Sixth Gun is announced as going into development for NBC.

Deadline Hollywood has Carlton Cuse Executive Producing. Everybody is harping on Cuse being one of the co-showrunners for Lost.  That’s not the interesting bit, in terms of Cuse being appropriate for The Sixth Gun.  The comic, by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt is a horror western, concerning ancient mystical artifacts currently manifesting themselves as six-shooters.  The dead have risen and all sorts of dark forces are converging on the guns.  Bad things will happen if the artifacts are united.  It’s a really good comic, if you haven’t given it a look.

Before he did Lost, Cuse had another western.  The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. was a very strange western featuring an orb of mysterious origins and all manner of fantastical and science fiction elements.  The Sixth Gun is straight up horror, while Brisco County had a much more whimsical side to it, but Brisco + Lost certainly puts you in general vicinity of Sixth Gun.

That, and having a Lost guy on it certainly can’t hurt it’s fortunes with NBC.  The production is based out of Universal TV, which also happens to be where one of Brubaker’s pilots is based out of.


  1. This is great news. I got into the book only a few months ago but it immediately became my favorite comic on the stands. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. I came for the GI Joe homage in #21 and discovered a really well crafted comic. The story is interesting and the art is expressive. There is a real sense that anything could happen in the book which has a very unique cast I always want more of. And the guns themselves, they remind me of the Soul Gems when Starlin was first on Warlock. This will make a good show and hopefully get the comic in front of more eyes and money in the creators hands.

  2. I haven’t read The Sixth Gun, but I LOVED Brisco County, Jr. It was a great show that had enormous potential, but was sadly languished by Fox on Friday nights. It probably didn’t help that the show that premiered immediately after Brisco was (eventual) breakout hit, The X-Files.

  3. This is and Wasteland are my favorite series for quite some time now. I download every issue, but wait for the trades to read them, so that I can get a better dose :)

    Just can’t wait for the TV series, good luck to everyone involved!

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