In which Loki gets down with his bad self, Hulkling gets handy, Marvel Boy makes a new crush, and Ms America Chavez rules all:


  1. I haven’t bought a Marvel comic in ages either. But the team of Gillen and McKelvie had me curious about picking up this series. And gods help me, I’m actually thinking that I’d like to have this cover.

  2. Glorious. And is this the only work-for-hire stuff O’Malley has done since he became O’MALLEY?

    Hope Marvel doesn’t make this cover too rare, because I think it actually has a chance to bring in a different audience that wouldn’t ordinarilly look at a Marvel book.

  3. Ah, I wish Marvel’s books WERE actually done like this. In that style like Scott Pilgrim… or Demo or … even Phonogram – where it’s about the people. Not costumes fighting.

    Marvel comics by Oni Press – wouldn’t that be something??

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