You can never have too many Avengers, as today Nick Spencer, Luke Ross and Matthew Wilson were revealed as the creative team for a relaunch of ‘Secret Avengers’. The black-ops team invented by Ed Brubaker will be reinvented once more under Spencer’s pen, with a line-up which includes many ties to the Avengers movie: Nick Fury Jr, Agent Coulson, Black Widow and Hawkeye will all appear, alongside Mockingbird, Iron Patriot, Hulk, Winter Soldier and Taskmaster. Not all of them will be on the team.

Spencer likens the book to 24 or Spooks (watch out for deep fat fryers), with this team having a new twist to the black ops premise. Rather than being made up of volunteers, the team will be ‘triggered’ into working for the Government via a memory implant which activates once they hear a certain codeword. Once they are deactivated, they return to their lives with no memory of what just happened to them. This seems likely to be how Winter Soldier fits into the book, for example – it’s hardly likely he’d take fondly to the idea of somebody trying to mind control his girlfriend.

The cast are a mix of established movie characters alongside to-be-established movie characters, with Winter Soldier and Iron Patriot both due to show up in the upcoming next round of Marvel movies. Mockingbird, too, has been repeatedly linked to appearances on the big or small screen, and her membership of this team may well hint at her future in film. The last time Nick Spencer wrote Secret Avengers, the Lincoln Memorial came to life and started fighting Nazis.

Issue #1 of Secret Avengers will be released in February.


  1. Strange, how the characters here look more like the movie ones. So why isn’t this the main Avengers book – since that book’s title is what any new reader be looking for? …Why do I even care so much if Marvel don’t…??

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