I’m still interested in Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series, despite his apparent gleeful evolution into a Pantomime villain for the internet age. The series, which apparently sees a new character get into the Spider-Man outfit and make it “darker and edgier”, was met by shock and horror, albeit shock and horror and fascination. Slott seems to be revelling in his new status as a villain, if the cover image for issue #2 is any indication. And actually, I bet he’d make for an excellent Widow Twankey. Can you just imagine it now? That’d be great.

I’m probably alienating all non-Brits right now.

Anyway, here’s the cover for issue #2 of Superior Spider-Man. If you listen carefully, you can faintly hear the sound of Slott, Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado and Steve Wacker cackling malevolently in the distance, followed by a big band going “DUN DUN DUNNNN” and a crowd hissing in delight.


Oh Dan.


  1. Didn’t we already do this in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN? Ben Reilly? Also, can’t the new guy even come up with a slightly original costume?

  2. oh well, that does it for me. I was reading and somewhat (depending of the storylines) enjoying the BND and Slott run….but I was always waiting for the return of MJ and Peter. Now not only is there a new Spidey, he is darker and with MJ? All this on top of a #1 relaunch (which will renumber to #700…..and something in 18-24 months), thanks but no thanks. I will put that $4 to a DC or Indie title……man how many times will Marvel screw up Spider-man? Anyone that was around during the never ending clone saga knows what im talking about.

  3. Not having been interested in Spider-man for years I am quite neutral about this. I like Stegman and I’ll get his arc for the art. If the story is any good it will be a bonus for me. If it isn’t I’ll drop it after #3.

  4. If any woman were to fall for a costumed man without knowing his name, his appearance, or any personal details beyond tidbits he deigned to give to her, she’d be an idiot in need of therapy. Not that the therapy would do any good.


  5. SRS–So, you’ve read the issue in question? Seems a little soon to be making assumptions about the details of the story.

    Based strictly on the image above, MJ looks surprised and alarmed, not at all like someone who has “fallen for” a costumed man.

  6. This makes me sick! Spider-Man would never act in such a malevolent manner. This is a malevolent and classless depiction of the character. You are portraying Spider-Man as a creeper! I will not be buying Superior Spider-Man because it is very disrespectful to the character that we know and love for the past 50 years. BOTTOM LINE!

  7. I’ve been reading Spider-Man since the Clone Saga, When I was a kid It was Ben behind the mask not Peter. Needless to say, another person as Spider-Man isn’t gonna last. Especially in a Universe that has a tendency to bring back the original character when sales drop. Cap died, they brought him back, Hawkeye died and they brought him back. Comics never keep a character dead for very long…or even out of the costume.
    Anyone remember when they tried this same thing in 1999 with “THE FINAL CHAPTER” <—- I can't be the only one.

    How about when they murdered the living hell out of the Punisher in that One Shot? He was gored, gutted, and dismembered by Daken and he turned out alright. So, lets go Marvel. Lets see you butcher a title and then try to redeem it! Peter Parker will come back, and he will be himself by the end of it.

  8. I bet Peter Parker fakes his death and gets a name change to protect his recently reviled not so secret identity

  9. Correct, they already did this back in 98. Ended the title at 441 (I think) and started over with two titles. Spider-man books are infinently sad. Instead of doing one horrible story with magic Spider-man and Gwen Stacy kids, they crammed as much introductions to non-existent stories at they could, thus wrecking any effect any story could have. If everyone found out who Spider-man was now, who would care, it’s lost all it’s hype and it was so awful the first time for a variety of reasons. INstead of propelly the story forward, they demolished the character. I didn’t even mention OMD.

    They should just really apologize for that, btw. It couldn’t hurt.

    But what’s going to happen?
    Aunt May dies? Did that.
    Doc OCk dies? Did that, atleast he looked like Doc Ock when that happened.
    Spider-man gets another costume? Did that five times in the last 3 years.
    Ben Reilly returns as the real guy, again? I’d like it, but they’d just write him as an idiot and not as they wrote himall those years ago.

    Not blaming the current writer for this mess.

  10. Well, after 30 years of reading about peter parker and all the ups and downs Marvel has put him through it just makes me sick they are doing it again. Worst part is that the dumb jerks over in Marvel NEVER cleared up all that OMD crap, that was a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE STORYLINE just made no sense… I like the fact that Peter was married, actually growing up instead of wanting “wheatie” cakes from Aunt May and he actually had a College Professor Job. I thought the “OTHER” STORYLINE was good, you had a bad ass spiderman, stronger and it made sense. I would have stuck to that and I like that but no, Marvel has to keep screwing around and WE ALL buy this crap… I was so PISSED off when the Ultimate version of Peter Parker was killed off, replaced by the Obama look-a-like version of spiderman, what? What an insult..!!! I DROPPED that title and will never pick is up again. If Marvel kills off Peter in the The Amazing Run I will drop that as well. I am not going to waste the $4 either on all this crap again and watch and Hear Fat Dan laugh at all of us. Come on guys BAN and lets put a a petition to bring back Peter!!!!! I will SIGN IT WILL YOU? NUFF SAID….

  11. That would be just plain dumb… So, how would you ever get Peter sould and mind back from the dead Dr Otto? I hope the God this is not the case. I could deal with Ben R. to be back, at least he looks like Peter! lol

  12. Don’t be too worried, I’ll go out on a limb to say its Peter but with a name change, maybe a faked death to protect his identity. Marvel just released images from the Age of Ultron crossover and there’s a few images of a beat-up/un-masked Superior Spider-man… And it looks exactly like Peter, and no blonde hair…

  13. Getting doc ock together with M.J makes no sense and I hope slot doesn’t make M.J’s fling with him last very long. first off even in the new continuity Mary Jane and peter parker had been living with each other up until civil war I think she would quickly notice the differences in peter and spidey ock’s personalities as well as the differences in their respective takes on the mantle of spider man and leave him until peter parker returns, furthermore Dan slott has made it clear that peter and Mary Jane still have feelings for each other I think she would notice something’s up and tell somebody like the ff or stark and in addition if M.J managed find out about what doc ock had done did to peter who is clearly the love of her life (which she probably could do seeing as she has lived with Pete for years and known about his secret identity even longer and has known him since high school) I don’t think she would ever forgive him for it and she would utterly hate him and would again tell somebody, what’s more doc ock who is actually a 70-80 year old doc ock in peters (who nearly married aunt may once) hooking up with M.J who’s probably half his age is just sick, wrong, a violation of character and just uuuugggggh! In conclusion this seems like another lame and juvenile attempt to make fans hate M.J (which won’t work again) and to justify M.J and peter not getting back together. don’t get me wrong I have found Dan slotts run after bnd to be acceptable for the most part I feel he has been a competent spider-man writer for the most part but this idea I am afraid is just stupid with all due respect. So Dan slott if you’re reading this than please don’t do it.
    Being a fan yourself I’m sure you remember the whole sins of the father story where Gwen slept with Norman Osborn and had kids with him and how horrible and gross that was. It sounds like your basically doing something similarly unwise here (weather or not it’s as dumb as the story with Gwen remains to be seen, but it probably will be). So please don’t do it I don’t know what Dan and the editorial at marvel have against Mary Jane fans or what makes them feel the need to punish those fans for liking the character’s but it is getting a little preposterous. I highly doubt this idea will be well received by the fans in general and I think this is hurting superior Spiderman’s chances. I’m glad to know peter will be back (though I’m a little nervous about how long he will be gone and how that will affect the enjoyment of the book) and this idea has potential but I find that for me and for many other fans of Spiderman and friends of mine the M.J relationship with doc oak is the one thing that jumps out as potentially really hurting the book right now and not all the people I talk are actually M.J fans. now I don’t want to ramble on any more than I already have so again Dan if you’re reading please don’t make this a fling that taints Mary Jane’s character and don’t let it affect with that Mary Jane’s desire to be with peter parker and peter desire to be with her please just use this a plot device until we get peter parker back. issue 700 did affect my desire to read superior and while I do think there is a chance for good story here and an opportunity for some much needed character development opportunity for peter parker as a character once he comes back (he better be back by the way just in case Dan is thinking otherwise) but if he ends up tainting Mary Jane or raping her I will not only drop this book for the remainder of his run on spider-man, but I probably will not pick up any other book written by Dan slott again.
    One last note yes I am a fan of M.J as character and a love interest for peter, (peter ock or spidey ock or doc ock or whatever) and I did not buy or like OMD, BND, OMT but I have been flowing Dan’s run on YouTube via spoilers and by borrowing issues from friends for the most part and a good chunk of what I’ve seen I found was decent, my big complaints are that peter is depicted a little too impulsive and inexperienced at times and that I don’t think he’s the play boy type of character who has a lot of one night stands with rather shallow women and I found some of his gadgets were a little cheesy and tacky (the spider gilder, the spider armor seriously?) but that aside has been fairly enjoyable for the most part and I have considered jumping on board of this latest run I’m just letting everyone know about what’s scaring me off because I love spidey (a.k.a peter parker) and I care about the franchise and what happens to it deeply. Again sorry for the long post

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