Per Marvel’s penchant for celebrating milestone anniversaries, today the publisher announced that Black Widow & Widow are celebrating 60th anniversary of adventures in a new 4-issue limited series. Arriving this March, this Black Widow & Hawkeye 4-issue limited series is written by Stephanie Phillips and drawn by Paolo Villanelli. The first issue will feature a cover by Stephen Segovia

Official press release below:

Celebrating 60 action-packed years of Black Widow and Hawkeye, this new chapter in the pair’s storied legacy will be told by rising Marvel stars, writer Stephanie Phillips, known for her acclaimed work on Contest of Chaos and Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Paolo Villanelli, currently delivering cosmic brilliance in Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest. The four-issue limited series will both dive into the duo’s history of secrets and espionage while playing off recent developments including Natasha Romanoff’s recent bonding with a symbiote!

THE EYES OF A HAWK AND THE VENOM OF A WIDOW! Even when Black Widow and Hawkeye had no one to trust, they still had each other – even though their paths sometimes diverged. So when Clint Barton is accused of a rogue assassination attempt that puts the U.S. and Madripoor at odds, a symbiote-equipped Natasha Romanoff thinks nothing of coming to his aid. But as echoes of their past ripple into the present, it will take all their faith in each other – and the lessons learned along the way – to protect their futures.

“I love getting the chance to dig deep with Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton to tell a fast-paced spy story that celebrates their 60th anniversary,” Phillips shared. “Nothing is as it seems, and I’m having a ton of fun writing these characters. Not to mention they both look great for 60.” 

Look for Black Widow & Hawkeye #1 (of 4) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, March 13th.