Well, it’s official! 3 out of 4 people we surveyed today agree that New York Comic-Con has now become a midi-San Diego in terms of stress and anxiety!

In fact it reached a plateau previously only hit by SDCC by inspiring anxiety dreams for The Beat days beforehand! Rock and roll! Lock and load! Hit the deck! Hit the drugs!

Our stiff neck is under control thanks to massive amounts of Aleve, but any more pain and we’re going straight to the Valium.

We’ll have more NYCC round up news tomorrow. We can tell from our email and IMs that everyone out there is just as stressed as we are. But it will be worth it in the end, right?


  1. Hmmm…dont know if I would call it stress. More like an intense surf session where the waves all of the sudden got bigger and started coming in faster. Need a longer board and maybe a jetski to tow me out to the bigger waves coming in.
    nycc is no longer for the weak….

  2. My stiff neck has gone away, now it’s just a headache that comes and goes every once in a while.

    But really, we are all going to have an excellent time! :-D

  3. NOW! WANT IT NOW! Open the doors, I’ll wander around Javits until the ticket counter opens! I’ll dress up as a teamster just to get into the hall early!

    Damn… so focused on the con, I almost forgot to mail my tax return!

    And WEDNESDAY, there’s three events! Thursday, there’s ICV2 and an all day intensive comicbook creation class!

    Ain’t it wonDERful?!

    Hey… wicked thought… what if Reed Exhibitions FRANCHISED this show? Mmmm….

  4. Oh, NYCC is buckets of stress for sure. But, as I keep telling my boss, it’s my kind of stress, and we wouldn’t have it any way.

    -Ali Kokmen
    Random House/Del Rey’s Designated Comic-Con Masochist

  5. I wish I had the stress of attending NYCC instead of having to pay beaucoup bucks to the IRS! Now THAT’S stress! Especially if you wait until the last day to do everything, and you’re a freelancer (and so is hubby). And you do the taxes yourself. Yeah. Talk about being a masochist …

    Hey, y’all, have FUN amidst all the stress!