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Woot! We’ve always enjoyed the adventures of ROB HANES when a new issue comes out.

Randy Reynaldo, writer-artist of the long-running independent small press title, Rob Hanes Adventures, will release issue 11 of the series at the the San Diego Comic-Con International. This year’s show coincidentally marks Randy’s 11th appearance at the show as an exhibitor.

You can meet Randy and pick up the issue at his WCG Comics table in BOOTH S14 in the Small Press Pavilion in the main exhibitor’s hall.

In the new issue, entitled “Rob Hanes and the Pirates,” Rob uncovers evidence of a sophisticated counterfeiting ring being run by a rogue “axis of evil” nation. After he is abducted and imprisoned inside the secluded regime, he finds that his only hope for escape resides in his unlikely alliance with a kidnapped Asian starlet, a disgruntled military officer, and an American defector from the Cold War era!

Launched in the early ’90s, Rob Hanes Adventures is one of the longest running independent titles still being published. Following the exploits of a modern-day soldier of fortune and spy for hire who works for worldwide Justice International, the series takes a serio-comic approach to put a modern-day spin on the classic high adventure strip serial, reinventing and making the genre fresh for modern audiences. Fans of classic comics like Terry and the Pirates or the new Spirit series will love Rob Hanes Adventures.


  1. i won’t be at SDCC, but if anyone goes to Randy Reynaldo’s booth, please THANK HIM for continuing to put out a wonderful and consistently entertaining comic accessible for all ages. I really wish more people would read this book. I love it.

  2. Hey, thanks to everyone for your kind words (and to Heidi for posting this!)

    I’ll see everyone at the Comic-Con–and of course if you’re not there you can find me (and my work) online.


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