Starting a new wave for DC, I believe their fourth, comes the announcement that a new property will be launching from the company in January called Threshold. A space series featuring a number of DC’s cosmic characters, the series will be written by Keith Giffen and drawn by Tom Raney.

The cast of the series will be Blue Beetle (suggesting that Rob Liefeld was right…), Omega Man, Starfire (the original one) a new Green Lantern character called Jediah Caul, and Star Hawkins. In addition to the main story, each issue will also feature a backup drawn by Scott Kolins, focusing on Orange Lantern Larfleeze. It’s another new series from DC which presents itself as a unique property, rather than taking an existing name and repurposing it. And Giffen is looking to tackle a number of familiar cosmic faces, from the New Guardians to 52’s villainous Lady Stix.

The main story here will be called ‘The Hunted’, and see the new Green Lantern character captured and forced into an intergalactic death chase sport, in which he has 24 hours to hide before the gates are opened and all kinds of space hunters and bounty seekers can come find him. A massively popular space event, the chase raises massive amounts of money, all of which helps pay for Lady Stix to go out and war with other cultures she doesn’t like. So we’ll be seeing Jediah Caul go on the run, chased by all kinds of cosmic bounty hunters and hooligans, while Stix snarls from the background. Sounds like a fun concept to me!

Issue #1 will have a 20 page ‘The Hunted’ story, followed by 10 pages of Larfleeze. The issue comes out in January.


  1. Pretty sure the spelling is “Lady Styx.”

    Regardless, it sounds like this could be fun! And with Giffen’s involvement and the various characters involved, this could be the first GL book I read in the new 52!

  2. I think it’s actually the third Starfire (Mike Vosburg alien warrior) that will be in the series.

    Starfire I – Russian Teen Titan
    Starfire II – Supergirl villainess
    Starfire III – Michilinie / Vosburg forgotten 70s sword and sorcery warrior
    Starfire IV – Wolfman / Perez alien princess

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