The X-Men panel has just ended at NYCC, revealing a few bits and pieces, but mostly just going over the basic premise for each of the titles in the Marvel NOWniverse. But there are some bits and pieces! And new art from Mike Del Mundo and Stuart Immonen! Here’s a rundown:

  • David Marquez, fresh from a run on Ultimate Spider-Man, will reunite with writer Brian Michael Bendis as the second artist on rotation for the fortnightly All New X-Men series. This is the series which sees Beast bring the original five X-Men back to the present, as part of what appears to be an extended guilt-trip for modern-day Cyclops. The first six issues of the series will be released every two weeks, with Marquez rotating with Stuart Immonen.
  • Storm will be returning to her mohawk once she joins Sam Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force – and the iconic hairstyle will then follow her from book to book.

  • Cable & X-Force will see Cable going on ‘one last mission’ before he tries to retire. Which, if you have seen any movies from the 80s, you’ll know means that he’s about to get locked into an increasingly desperate mission which spirals out of control rapidly.
  • Taking over from departing Chris Bachalo on Wolverine & The X-Men will be artist Ramon Perez, who will alternate on the book with Nick Bradshaw.
  • Here’s a new cover for X-Men Legacy from Mike Del Mundo:

  • And X-Factor is now reaching 100 consecutive issues from writer Peter David, who will celebrate the milestone with a storyline called “The Hell on Earth War”. The story will see David wrapping up storylines which are over 6 years old, as the crosshairs of the entire Marvel Universe fall upon the remaining members of the X-Factor team. Hopefully this won’t be a finale for the series, which has remained a consistent source of fun for a very very long time!


  1. Pleased with Marquez–I always appreciate when tag-team artist have styles that fit well together, and I think he and Immonen do.

    Over in his Q&A column on CBR, Alonso just mentioned that there’s to be another X-title where people will show up who are actually thankful for the Phoenix Five ending world hunger and trifling stuff like that. Is this the Magneto/Cyclops team teased on that one All-New cover? Let’s hope.

  2. I wasn’t aware that saying “of the many depictions of the character portrayed on this great cover my particular favourite is that one” implied ‘fantasies’ of any sort.

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