New York Comic-Con isn’t the only comics show going on this weekend—and some would say it isn’t even the comickest. That designation might go to this year’s Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Guests include Sergio Aragones, Miriam Libicki, Jim Woodring, Ben Katchor, and all three Hernandez brothers, who are completing a triumphant 30th Anniversary Tour. There’s lots more going on, but we’ll direct you to JK Parkin’s excellent news round-up. There’s an after party tomorrow night at the Isotope, as well as a Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Party at the Cartoon Art Museum that night. Perhaps Jim Woodring will bring out his giant pen.

With WonderCon’s status next year up in the air, APE perhaps gains a bit more attention as the premier Bay Area comics event of the year; there will certainly be enough great cartoonists on hand to justify that space.

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  1. Oh, thank goodness! APE gets a little love. It has been non-stop NYCC PR and news for the last week or two on the comic news sites and I’m glad someone remembered that smaller alternative comic show on the other coast. :)

  2. I’m moderating four panels this weekend, and am hosting the party at CAM Saturday night! Looking forward to this weekend–and to collapsing in a heap on Sunday night.

    We’ve got a new Love and Rockets exhibition opening at the Cartoon Art Museum tomorrow night, too. Check it out!

  3. Andrew, how long does that show go for? I’m a big Jaime fan but will probably pass on the opening due to exhibiting all day but I’d love to get my drawing group BASA (Bay Area Sequential Artists) out their for an art excursion one day. I guess I thought Los Bros Hernandez were just going to speak but didn’t realize it was a show with their art as well.

  4. The exhibition runs through March 10–although the party’s the only time we’ll definitely be having all three Bros at CAM.

  5. Is this single post really all the press coverage that APE’s going to get? I know that Ben Katchor isn’t drawing X-Force, but jeez…

  6. Welcome to the battle, Andrew! lol We were up against NYCC. And with The Beat based in NYC, it looked like they and others were basically punting the ball to JK Parkin at Robot 6, whom is in the Bay Area.

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