Runaways Season 3Runaways Season 3 is almost here, and its new trailer teases magic and comic book crossover fun. The brief trailer, released just in time for the NYCC panel later today, features a handful of intriguing shots.

We get a look at the new magical villain this season: Morgan Le Fay, played by Elizabeth Hurley. Darkness has been teased within the Runaways’ resident witch Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano) throughout the show, and Morgan seems to be trying to draw that out. In one shot we see Nico’s weapon, The Staff of One, literally emerge from the character’s body — a reference seen in the Marvel Comics starting with the original Brian K. Vaughan run.

We also see another exciting tease informed by the comics. Cloak and Dagger have also appeared in the Runaways comics and this season Freeform’s titular duo will be jumping over for a crossover episode.

You can watch the teaser below and stream Runaways Season 3 when it premieres on Hulu December 13th.