Amy Reeder will write and draw a new Amethyst series for DC Comics slated to debut in February 2020.

Amethyst will focus on the titular character, who has resurfaced in DC continuity as of late as part of the team book, Young Justice. Reeder is perhaps best-known for her creator-owned title Rocket Girl, and, more recently, for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur at Marvel Comics. That latter title, which ran for 47 issues before ending in September, has been a hit in the YA trade paperback market, firmly established the Moon Girl character as a key young hero in the Marvel superhero universe, one who is even now slated to star in a forthcoming television show (along with her dinosaur, of course).

But back to Amethyst! Amethyst (also known as the Princess of Gemworld) has a history that dates back to the ‘80s (like me!). She is a teenage girl from a magical world (a Gemworld), who often runs afoul of the evil leadership there.  During DC’s New 52 relaunch, she was recast as being raised on Earth. But that’s probably gone now, in favor of the new (and better/more familiar) origin we saw this year in Young Justice.

This news came Friday afternoon at DC’s Wonder Comics panel, where Reeder said she loves the original Amethyst drawn by Ernie Colón and that a major theme of this new series is that Amethyst is little miss perfect, a princess who is now among the people.

Wonder Comics, for the unfamiliar (which is probably not anyone reading this, but hey), is a pop-up teen reader imprint that takes place within the publisher’s superhero continuity. It is helmed and curated by writer Brian Michael Bendis. Other titles within that imprint so far have included the flagship Young Justice, Naomi, Dial H for Hero, and Wonder Twins.

Check out a Amethyst as illustrated by Amy Reeder below, as well as pics from the panel.

Amy Reeder