By Jermaine McLaughlin

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line of action figures have had a huge year. With new waves of comic book-based X-Men figures, MCU tie-ins (Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home) to the heavily in-demand wave of retro 80th Anniversary figures, fans have been covered when it comes to satisfying their appetite for new, comic-accurate Marvel figures.

The Beat caught up with the Hasbro brand team Dwight Stall and Ryan Ting at New York Comic Con to talk about some upcoming figures being revealed exclusively at the con, as well as the future of the line over the coming year. 

The Beat: So right off the bat, after much fan demand, we’re finally getting a new Stan Lee Marvel Legends figure?

Ryan Ting: So we’re excited to reveal Stan at New York Comic Con. It’s going to be up for preorder later today on Target’s website, but it’ll ultimately be available through all retailers. Then shipping out in May or potentially slightly earlier. We’re kind of in advance of its actual release date, but this was such a big event, so what better time to reveal it than at New York Comic Con?

Dwight Stall: It’s super exciting to revisit Stan for Marvel Legends. We did him for our first San Diego Comic-Con, a long time ago, but we love this new version of a Stan Lee. This represents his appearance in the first Avengers movie, where he was sitting in the park playing chess. That’s why he comes to the chess board and that’s why his outfit represents what it does. We picked this version of him because we thought this was the most iconic representation of him in the movies, that it felt most like how he portrayed himself — at least visually — to the public, with the jacket and the glasses. And for added fun, we added in an autographed Captain America shield. Because he was always so good with his fans. We thought that would be kind of a little fun tribute piece.

The Beat: It seems the X-Universe is well represented with these reveals. 

Ting: So at San Diego, we announced our Age of Apocalypse wave. So that wave is its own thing. Now at New York Comic Con, we’re officially unveiling a SECOND X-Men wave. We’ve  got at least two prominent ’90s X-Force members revealed here in Warpath and Sunspot. This is Sunspot’s first time as a Legends figure. Plus, we also have a version of Deadpool that we haven’t done in a long time.

The Beat: And the Warpath Figure?

Dwight Stall: We used the Omega Red base. We thought that was a nice, larger scale body. We’d love the opportunity to get a chance to bring that figure buck back out there.  The fun parts about Warpath is he has the shoulder rockers for a bigger guy, so you get a little bit of extra added movement on a character like this, and it makes him properly big and imposing as well.

Ting: And these will be out fall 2020.

The Beat: And finally, the Fantastic Four seem to be making their return as well?

Stall: We’re bringing Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four and their new comic looks as they appear today in the book (the previously announced She-Hulk and Dr. Doom Figures will also be part of this wave). Nothing shown here at the Con is the Build-A-Figure for this wave. So there’s one more surprise for this wave to come in the near future. 

The Beat: You’ve also previously announced an Alpha Flight box set for the end of this year…

Ting:  We’ll release one of the more recognizable or popular figures from the team, like Guardian was shown last year. And then as soon as he was, people were like, “All right, now I need the rest of the set.”

Stall: Alpha Flight was one of the most asked about teams that I can recall. Every convention circuit that we’d been traveling on for the last five years, that’s probably been the most asked-for team. Apparently, people love Canadians. They’re so nice.

Check out the full selection of Marvel Legends figures revealed at NYCC 2019 below. Click the images to enlarge.


  1. Kind of weird to depict Lee with the icon of a character he didn’t claim credit for (usually). They should have him with Deadpool’s sword in the other hand, riding Ghost Rider’s bike and with Wolverine’s claws…

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