On Thursday at New York Comic Con, culture journalist Christian Blauvelt spoke with four-time Academy Award nominee, director Ben Snow, and Lucasfilm Story Group Creative Director Matt Martin about the just-released VR game Vader Immortal: Episode II.

This sequel to the hit VR game Vader Immortal takes us deeper into the story of Vader’s journey into the Darkside, the construction of his base on Mustafar, and understanding the Force, which is super important for game play. The last game showed your character had the Force, but in this new game, you get to use it.

Snow and Martin gave us a quick overview of the game and the Easter eggs in it for fans to discover in this virtual world as you learn the Force from Vader. And despite internet rumors, Snoake is not in the game. They did confirm that the best upgrade to the game is the player perspective: Ben Snow stated, “You are the character.”

In Vader Immortal, you were in the world, but in Episode II, when Vader speaks, he looks you in the eye.

The panelists also informed the audience that superstar writer David Goyer came back to continue working on the story, to help craft the Vader Immortal for this sequel and the next game in the series.

Finally, they gave us a special sneak preview of the gameplay, demonstrating lightsaber combat fighting creatures and robots as well as using the Force in the training dojo. Fans were also able to see the new monsters and get a look at an ancient lightsaber. A few thousand years old, with a connection to the fortress on Mustafar, this thing is a work of art.

Vader Immortal: Episode II is out now from ‪ILMxLAB‬ and is for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift. Check out the preview and some photos from the panel below.

Vader Immortal: Episode II panel