Funko continues the roll out of its NYCC exclusives which will certainly please old school Hanna-Barbera fans. For those with more modern cartoon sensibilities, Funko has you covered with Teen Titans Go! Beast Boy figure and friend/enemy Gearhead from Adult Swim’s cult favorite Rick and Morty.

Vynl.: Hanna-Barbera – Huckleberry Hound + Snagglepuss (Funko Shop)


Pop!: Hanna-Barbera – Jabberjaw (Funko Shop)


Pop!: Hanna-Barbera – Dum Dum (Funko Shop)


Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera- Baba Looey (Funko Shop)


Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera- Funky Phantom (LE 1000)


Pop! TV: Teen Titans Go! – Beast Boy Variant Metallic (Toy Tokyo) (3000LE)


Pop! Animation – Rick and Morty – Gearhead (Target)