As New York Comic Con looms ever closer, they’ve announced the Main Stage Clearing and Badge Tapping – procedures and…wow, clearing rooms is not easy.

New York Comic Con will once again clear the Main Stage Presented by AT&T after each Panel.

This year you will be required to tap your Badge in the morning at the end of the line dedicated to the Main Stage Panel you want to see. That Panel will be coded into your Badge and when you arrive back in the Queue Hall prior to that Panel, you will tap your Badge again for entry into the Main Stage. Our super smart system will know that your spot is reserved. 

That’s a quick snapshot so please read this page carefully for full instructions about getting into Panels on the Main Stage at NYCC.


I won’t recap the whole thing but you need to get in the Queue hall in the morning and get in line for the panel you want to see and then reserve a spot in the panel by tapping your badge. That’s the only way to get into the main hall LATER for the panel.

You will receive one Badge tap per Badge and you must be present to receive a Badge tap. A friend or family member cannot have your Badge tapped for you. Our team will tap your Badge using a scanner and this will confirm your space in the Main Stage for the Panel you are in line for.

This means that you don’t have to sleep outside for days, because that wouldn’t go over as well in New York in October as it does in July in San Diego. Although with the weather we’ve been having…who knows.

And don’t try to cheat when you enter the main hall for the panel!

• If you tapped your Badge in the morning for that Panel, the scanner will light up green.
• If you’re sneaky and trying to get in line for a capped Panel without tapping your Badge, the scanner will light up red you will be removed from the line.

Oh the shame.

Anyway, have fun! We’ll be in the back of the PW booth crying.

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  1. I like this, but working for a Major Computer company and holding meetings in Vegas with 3000 of our employees, using a somewhat similar idea… it breaks down fast. People just go in, workers are overwhelmed by the amount of people. People get in by other doors. People who should be in because they followed the system are then shut out due to lack of space.
    THAT SAID…it’s certainly worth the try. I’ve read comments by con goers with the attitude of “If I paid for the CON, I can stay in any room all day”

  2. Smart.
    Instead of wristbands, you use your badge.
    Also… I see a bigger system via RFID… real-time tracking of everyone, anonymously, to gauge traffic flow and congestion.
    Also, as with a Code Adam, a specific RFID tag can be pinged to locate the lost child.

    Think this is science fiction? Disney has been doing this for over a year with their MagicBands, mostly via FastPass (just like the Main Stage).
    Vendors can also use this to gather customer info… tap your badge to win a raffle.

  3. Spike, how does this differ from years past, with wristbands?
    This is ReedPop’s 11th NYCC. They’ve got it figured out pretty well.

    Here’s hoping the badges improve the response to special needs from fans, which seems to be a recurring topic at feedback panels.

  4. Interesting method to control visitors. I didn’t make it last year, so how did the event go? If it was good, I figure they will use it again in the future. I wonder if the events around me have this system, cause it would be nice to try.

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