greg-capullo-batmanPer CBR

During his panel at NYCC, Scott Snyder announced that his Batman collaborator Greg Capullo will be taking a break from the title after Issue #51 (which, just a guess, may very well be the wrap-up of the Commissioner Gordon as Batman story arc).

Snyder stated that reason for this was that Capullo would be working on a short project with Mark Millar.

Snyder will be staying on the title during Capullo’s hiatus, but it was not announced who would be filling in for him. The writer also stated that he’s doing more Batman-related work with Sean Murphy, so he may be the likely option, or perhaps even his Wytches and Black Mirror partner Jock.

Snyder and Capullo are the only remaining writer & artist team from the launch of the New 52.