The Spire #1 NYCC Midtown Comics Cover
The Spire #1 Midtown Comics NYCC Cover by Jamie McKelvie
Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag Newbury Comics NYCC Cover
The Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag Special Newbury Comics NYCC Cover by Katy Farina

Boom is kicking off NYCC with a signing at Forbidden Planet Thursday, October 7 from 7-9pm (NYCC badge NOT required), featuring the following creators (additional creators may be announced):

Brooke Allen (Lumberjanes)
Frank Barbiere (Broken World, Black Market)
Matthew Daley (Lantern City)
Michael Dialynas (The Woods)
Eryk Donovan (Cognetic, Memetic)
Brian Joines (Imagine Agents)
Simon Spurrier (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla)
S.M. Vidaurri (Iscariot, Iron: Or, the War After)
Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes)

and  some retailer exclusive covers:

Midtown Comics will offer for purchase at its booth (#2036) a New York Comic Con exclusive cover by Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + The Divine) to Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely’s The Spire #1, while Newbury Comics will offer for purchase at its booth (#2945) a New York Comic Con exclusive cover by Katy Farina (The Amazing World of Gumball) to The Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag Special.

And some panels:

BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Push Comics Forward

Thursday, October 8, 2:45 – 3:45 p.m., Room 1A06

2015 marks the 10th year of publishing for BOOM! Studios, a multiple Eisner award-winning top 10 comic publisher. Rather than look back at what we achieved the past 10 years, join us as we look ahead to the next 10 years and how we can all push comics forward. Moderated by BOOM! President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik, join Shannon Watters, Brooke Allen, Si Spurrier, James Tynion IV, Matthew Daley, and Kyle Higgins as they highlight the changes in the industry and what they want to see in comics.

Push Boundaries Forward: Gender, Diversity, and Representation in Comic Books

Friday, October 9, 5:15 – 6:15 p.m., Room 1A24

The face of comics is changing. Join a diverse Panel examining what indie/web publishing have been doing right, how mainstream comics can catch up, and what Creators and Fans can do to be heard. Join Moderator David Brothers and Panelists Marjorie Liu, Shannon Watters, Jeremy Whitley, Amber Garza, Joey Stern and Darryl Ayo in a sincere, thoughtful discussion on the topic of gender, diversity and representation in mainstream comics.

Camp Out with Lumberjanes!

Friday, October 9, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., Room 1A24

Pack your bags, bring your s’mores kit and get your badges ready! Join the brilliant minds and collaborators behind the breakout hit Lumberjanes, from the BOOM! Studios imprint, BOOM! Box! Shannon Watters, Brooke Allen, and Special Guests discuss what’s down the pipeline for Mal, Molly, April, Jo, and Ripley and the importance of hardcore lady types! Moderated by Raina Telgemeier (Drama).

The following BOOM! creators can be found in Artist Alley at New York Comic Con:

Brooke Allen (Lumberjanes) – AA9

Frank Barbiere (Broken World, Black Market) – Q14

Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl) – J2

Marguerite Bennett (Butterfly, Sleepy Hollow) – G3
Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk) – J12
Jorge Coelho (John Flood, Sleepy Hollow) – K15

Tim Daniel (Burning Fields, Curse) – U16

Camilla d’Errico (Tanpopo) – 215

Vanesa R. Del Rey (Hit, The Empty Man) – K12

Eryk Donovan (Cognetic, Memetic) – H3

Evan Dorkin (Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Comic Archive)

Joe Eisma (Big Trouble in Little China) – X4

Jerry Gaylord (Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return) – N14
Penelope Gaylord (Adventure Time) – N15

Gabriel Hardman (Planet of the Apes) – Q9

Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) – CC19

Brian Joines (Imagine Agents) – W10

Justin Jordan (John Flood) – R6

Janet Lee (The Wonderland Alphabet) – K13
Michael Moreci (Burning Fields, Curse) – U17
Jimmy Palmiotti (Palmiotti & Brady’s The Con Job)

Missy Pena (The Amazing World of Gumball) – U8

David Petersen (Mouse Guard) – J1

Joe Quinones (Big Trouble in Little China, Sleepy Hollow) – G4

Humberto Ramos (Crimson) – L9

Stephane Roux (Protocol: Orphans) – B10

Felipe Smith (Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return, Freelancers) – R4

Simon Spurrier (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla)

Dominike “Domo” Stanton (Palmiotti & Brady’s The Con Job) – Z9

Durwin Talon & Guin Thompson (Beautiful Scars) – V12

James Tynion IV (Cognetic, The Woods, UFOlogy, Memetic) – H3

Charles Soule (Strange Attractors) – W15
Allison Strejlau (Regular Show) – AA15
Fred Van Lente (Big Trouble in Little China) – W13

Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes) – AA9

Jim Zub (Munchkin) – X3