KFC cover

Usually, promotional comics featuring other franchises are an afterthought– which is why the brand new DC comic featuring KFC mascot Colonel Harland Sanders is so odd. The one-shot features Colonel Sanders of two worlds based on the classic Flash story from Carmine Infantino and Gardner Fox first published in 1961. The comic will be available over the weekend at New York Comic-Con for free in print, and is available now on Comixology for those who cannot attend.

The story is written by Tony Bedard with art from Tom Derenick. The tale is called ‘The Colonel of Two Worlds’ (because of course it is) and was announced via The Hollywood Reporter, who pointed out that this is the second KFC comic this year, but the first one featuring DC heroes. The company is continuing to take this opportunity to advertise the branding of KFC making their fried chicken “The Hard Way.” In the series the colonel is teams up with both Flash and Green Lantern to take down his evil self from Earth 3, Colonel Sunder.


Don’t piss off the Colonel.


  1. I now demand a commercial showing a battle between Darrell Hammond and Norm MacDonald to settle just who is the real Colonel! It’ll be Thunder-doming good!

  2. Take the parallel world thing one step further: Team up the DC heroes with Captain Carrot, free the doomed KFC chickens and transport them to Earth C where they can live out their lives as funny animals.

  3. I don’t know if anybody else read this thing, but I did, and it was fantastic – lots of fun (even if the Flash’s costume is terrible) and it kind of felt like a book-length Hostess ad.

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