With NYCC slowly engulfing the comic book world like an ominous cloud of smoke which may or may not be seeking to grab us and bash us into trees until we’re all dead, Oni Press have announced some of their plans for the convention. Alongside signings and panels featuring creators like Cullen Bunn and Antony Johnston, the company have also announced that they will be making Rick Spears and James Callahan’s ‘The Auteur’ available early for convention attendees.


You go to the Oni Press booth, you’ll be able to buy the ‘Premature Release’ edition of the comic early. The press release describes the issue… interestingly:

This will be deranged comics fans’ first chance to join disgraced Hollywood super producer Nathan T. Rex as he crashes through a world of glue-sniffing gurus, hard-nosed magnates, and prophetic exotic dancers on his quest for celluloid immortality in one of the most unique comedy series in years.

The series isn’t due to start until March, so this is quite a noteworthy pre-release from the company.

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