Sten Montreal July 2013 EditTwo years ago, I was gobsmacked when Heidi proclaimed October 10 as “Torsten Day”.

Now, there wasn’t a celebration that day, or last year, so I don’t know if it’s an on-going holiday or just one of those days where I get a nicely-lettered proclamation with an embossed seal, suitable for framing.

Since there wasn’t such a ceremony (it could have easily been done in Times Square with the character panhandlers), I’m going to treat this as an annual event.

As with any “day” day, you can choose to ignore it.  Or, if bored, or you make a daily habit of celebrating whatever “Day” it is, or you actually like my writing, here are some ways you can celebrate “Tors Day” today!

  1. Recommend a comic book or graphic novel to someone, preferably someone who hasn’t read one before.  You can gush about your favorite, or you can try to match a comic to what they like to read, or you can just let that person know that the local library has comics!
  2. Help someone in need.  Myself, I suffer from a Boy Scout Complex.  If I see a bewildered tourist on the street,  I always ask (from a comfortable distance) if they need help.  That may be why I’m a librarian… but also part of it is…
  3. Go online and learn something new and strange and bizarre.  Let your mind wander and wonder.  If you’ve got a smartphone with a data plan, immediately scratch that itch.  Then share it with the world via Twitter or Facebook or G+.  Be curious.  Let your mind trespass into areas not normally spoken of in polite company.  (Like Adam’s three wives.)
  4. Have some food and drink with friends, and discuss the sorts of stuff you all enjoy.  Doesn’t matter if it’s sports or comics or porn stars named after automobiles.  Whatever keeps things lively is okay!
  5. Read comics in public.  (Yes, I know there’s a holiday for that, but you should do that every day!)  Chances are someone will start chatting with you about comics…

Myself, I’ll be over at Javits, attending the various library panels and trying my best to surf the crowds of “my people”.  If you recognize me, introduce yourself.  If you’re a comics pro and we meet in a bar, definitely introduce yourself!  I get many free copies of comics, and probably owe you a few “royalties”, payable in liquid refreshment.

Want to know more about myself?  Go visit my Google Plus page!  It has links to my other social networks.  Or if you’re bored, or want your mind blown a little, look at this.


  1. Happy Torsten day, Torsten. Keep up the innovative ‘out of box’ ideas, I greatly enjoy reading your posts!

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