Well here’s what Image was teasing all week: a new horror series by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta called Outcast. The Beat was not able to make the press call for this (yes not even for Robert Kirkman, sob) but our pals at
CBR have the skinny:

“I’ve been working in TV for a while, but I still love comics, and it’s still my main focus,” Kirkman said at the top of call for what he said was “Outcast” – his first monthly horror series since launching “Walking Dead.” He said that the book is a riff on the exorism/demonic possession genre about “Kyle Barnes [who] has been plagued by demonic possessions his entire life, and he’s decided that he’s going to dive deeper into what’s been occurring to him…and try to figure out what it is he’s been experiencing.” Along the way, he starts to realize that the things that have threatened him his whole life also threaten the entire world. “It’s a big, epic story,” Kirkman said.

I can’t think of a more talented or nicer fellow than Azaceta to hit the Kirkman jackpot, and he was a smart choice:

As for his artist’s role in the series, the writer called Azaceta the perfect fit for this series. “His art is so moody and atmospheric…his general rendering style fits this concept perfectly,” he said. Kirkman noted that he loved the idea that this would be Azaceta’s first long-form project rather than a short arc. “This is the first time he’s going to be investing in something for the long haul. It’s always daunting for an artist to look that far ahead…but it’s going to be cool seeing him grow and evolve and get more comfortable with this world as we go along.” He compared that process to his other long-term collaborators like Charlie Adlard, Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard. “It changes an artist as they get more comfortable, and I think that’s a fun process to witness.”

The book has been in the works for a few years, and already has media interest, der. Kirkman says its his first story where he’s planned the whole thing ahead of time, so it should be a fascinating ride.

Outcast debuts in 2014.

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