So there were a few announcements we missed out on covering over the weekend, because we were on-site and not at home, updating as things happened. I’ll try to go through some of the more notable things we missed out on! Starting off with the news that Dark Horse will be relaunching their range of books based on Alien – including Aliens, Predator, Aliens Vs Predator, and a Prometheus series for 2014.


I could only find announcements on the writers for each of these four books, but I’ll update when I find more.

Aliens will be written by Chris Roberson, who has said that his series will feature a new cast of characters, whilst following the original continuity of the films. Ripley won’t appear, as the series moves away from the later ‘militaristic’ feel and back into the realm of horror.

Predators will be written by Joshua Williamson. The book will feature an elderly predator, who is looking to get in on one last great hunt, as well as a cast of original characters who get in the middle of things.

Aliens Vs Predator will be by Christopher Sebela, who is currently already co-writing Ghost with Kelly Sue DeConnick for Dark Horse. For this series, Sebela will be focusing on the original Alien and Predator movies as his inspiration, rather than the Vs movies (which were preeeeeetty terrible, so that’s a wise move on his part). He describes the book as “a revenge story”.

Prometheus will be by Paul Tobin, and again will focus on an original cast of characters rather than the survivors of the film. With these four books all working together in a single continuity, he says that the mysteries in the film will play a role in his series. He’ll be exploring the connections between Alien and Prometheus, for example, which were mainly alluded to in the films.



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