Marvel announced several new titles at their Spider-Man panel on Sunday, but the most buzzed-about book is actually a relaunch – Captain Marvel will be getting a new volume next year, with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick remaining onboard but the absolutely fantastic David Lopez being announced as the new artist on the book.


Many elements from the current run will return in this relaunch, including the recurring supporting cast and the militaristic aspects of Carol Danvers’ life. At the same time, DeConnick promises that the current run will change the character’s mindset substantially, which leads her into a new role she’ll be playing in once the new #1 rolls in.

The series had been teased with the word ‘higher’, which is now explained to be a literal thing – the character is going to push herself harder, but also head off into space to go off on some cosmic adventures. You can find more in her interview with Brett White on



  1. To be honest, I dropped this title for a couple of reasons: the art and the crossover with Avengers Assemble. While I realize the reason for the crossover, I wasn’t interested in reading AA. My disappointment with the art just made it easier to drop

    That said, I may come back for this. I liked (but maybe not loved) DeConnick’s story. Bringing on a solid artist like Lopez definitely makes me interested.

  2. “The book’s fans, the Carol Corps, have become an incredibly powerful movement online.”

    They can’t do shit for its sales. Back in cancellation territory within a year.

  3. Good character, but certainly seems to be a tough sell as a solo character. I’d have tried to launch it after using Carol in a high profile role in Avengers or a crossover or something. I’d also suggest a high profile artist (nothing agains Lopez, I certainly have been enjoying his work on X-Men, but he’s just not a name yet) to try and attract folks who wouldn’t otherwise bother.

  4. @Joe S. Walker:

    Keep in mind that for Deadpool’s ongoing series was in cancellation territory for half a decade, kept alive only by an “incredibly powerful movement online,” and now look at him.

    On the other hand, there’s Spider-Girl.

    But if Captain Marvel shows up in a movie, that could be all it takes. Deadpool’s boost in selling power coincided with the announcement that he’d appear in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (even if that boost deflated once the movie actually came out, due to people’s unhappiness with the character’s portrayal).

    In this case, the Carol Corps would be keeping the book alive long enough for a movie appearance to happen.

  5. Good character, but certainly seems to be a tough sell as a solo character.

    I agree with that. She has some nice traits, but they’re pretty generic, which is why she worked in Avengers titles. There’s very little to use in a character-driven story. DeConnick recycled origin material. . . Writing her in a story is comparable, perhaps, to telling someone to write a quick story about a private investigator. The story’s emphasis will probably be on the situation that’s investigated, not on the investigator.


  6. Okay… I’m going to be the first to mention this, just to place a stick in the ground so you can look back a few years from now…

    Ms. Marvel + Marvel Man (the 616 version, not Miracleman)

    (Fanfiction appearing in three…two…)

  7. This series has encourage new readers, spawned a huge Tumblr following and that’s what I like to see in today’s market. No one is doing that better than Kelly Sue.

  8. I think it’s suffered from the art. When this first came out I couldn’t stand the cheap manga digital style. They changed it to a cooler, more stylized art but then she was fighting dinosaurs in the street which is only awesome to 10 yr. old (or “Li’l”) Mike. It’s something I would have written at 10 anyway.

    Captain Marvel needs to be in space dealing with Skrulls and Kree and the Celestials and get visits from the Silver Surfer and all that. Hopefully getting the art and the character in her right place will make this book readable for me!

  9. Carol Danvers has never been less interesting or sold fewer copies.

    But in one of the many bubble worlds of the internet, this series is HUUUGE.

    It’s really ironic to see the propaganda about how great this series is “for women in comics”, when A) KSD is the definition of mediocrity; Gail Simone she’s not. B) The only reason this series wasn’t cancelled a year ago is because Marvel wanted to pretend that it had a new A-list female character that really registered with more than about twelve fans online. And many fans were happy to go along with this illusion; it just feels nice to pretend that this is true.

    But back in reality… This series sells less than any incarnation of Ms. Marvel ever did. And it’s only being kept around as some sort of token. And yet this is all a win for women. How, exactly?

  10. But isn’t he right? Latest series had lowest sales in character’s history and kept going solely because Marvel wants to have title with female hero. Same thing really happened with Ms. Marvel series, kept going despite selling lower than other, canceled, books.

  11. I bought the last series because my 11 year old daughter LOVES Ms. Marvel and wants to read about her. She really didn’t like the stories or art but we bought it anyway.
    When I told her they cancelled it, she wasn’t sad at all. She asked me why they changed her and made her boring and I just told her they are trying to make her appeal to women more.
    She told me that women must like boring comics and that she wisjhes they would make her Ms Marvel again.
    I agreed.
    I think Supergirl is now her favorite Super Hero.

  12. Oh I don’t disagree with the fact that sales figures are low; I disagree with his tone, false sense of superiority, opinions, interpretation, and conclusions. So yeah, 1 out of 6 is pretty much wrong.

  13. I agree with both of you. let’s use Wonder Woman as an example very sexy woman her physique in costume are very appealing the abilities she has combined with a good story place in the right spot with other superheroes coupled with a great artist can portray an awesome female superhero. I don’t care about the reactionsof the feminine community or the anti feminine community. the bottom line is Wonder Woman is one of my favorite female superheroes of all time just like Superman. if marvel would incorporateCaptain Marvel just like DC Incorporated Wonder Woman with other a list superheroes her comic book series will be a success

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