Time Masters #2, by Bob Wayne,Lewis Shiner, Art Thibert, and Jose Marzan, Jr.

Hey, Beat Fleeters!  Guess what time it is!

That’s right!  It’s Daylight Savings Time!

You know the drill… Spring forward, Fall back, except in Arizona and Hawai’i, which are Federal temporal reserves, created to avoid confusion with time travelers.  (You set your time and space coordinates for Arizona or Hawai’i “standard time” and then instantaneously change your space coordinates for wherever you need to be.)  (And if you really want to confuse a time traveler, send them to Indiana!)

For those who use the extra hour to drink, please travel safely (especially if you have a time machine… it’s so easy to transpose digits).

Oh, and to tie this further into the Nerdiverse, some timelines, courtesy of XKCD: