With no upcoming Nintendo Switch Events officially announced, fans are still buzzing…

Out of the blue, 18 unspecified titles for Nintendo Switch were dropped onto Amazon for preorder. The listings have Prime shipping eligibility and almost nothing else: no description, photos, ratings, or proper titles. Additionally, every preorder is set for December 27, 2019, most likely as a placeholder. Is this an accident? Or a sign of a big, upcoming addition to the Nintendo Switch’s solid library.

Nintendo has been occasionally been criticized in the past for pushing quantity over quality with their consoles, but the Switch launched with a handful of solid titles including Game of the Year winner Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In contrast, this mysterious bundle of new titles is a surprise.

One thing’s for sure, Nintendo is building up more and more software for their wildly successful console.


  1. Amazon already has a place holder for Bayonetta 3 and for all the recently announced/teased titles so these would be all new listings not announced.

  2. “Nintendo has been criticized in the past for pushing quantity over quality with their consoles…”

    This point is not quite clear, do you mean Nintendo has been criticized for selling a high number of poorly-constructed consoles? With the exception of the Wii U, Nintendo consoles have often been praised more than criticized for their excellent build quality.

    If you meant Nintendo pushes quantity over quality, Nintendo is more often than not viewed as a quality-over-quantity alternative to games that appear on competing consoles. Nintendo is known for producing high quality titles that often suffer from delayed releases for maximum polish during long development cycles over comparable companies who are often criticized for their low quality annual releases and employ of sales-boosting features such as loot boxes and day one DLC.

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