Now this is a great way to spend your money! Cartoonist Jason Young has spent the last three years slowly commissioning an array of great indie artists to redraw FANTASTIC FOUR #9, the issue co-starring the Sub-Mariner. It’s a Coober Skeeber/Strange Tales mash-up that proves the talents of all involved. Young writes:

Think of it as a punk band doing a cover of a sixties classic. All the artists involved are respectfully reinterpreting Jack Kirby through their own eyes and style. The project is a long-term, slow process. Jason is paying for the commissions out of pocket for his own personal collection and enjoyment.

Recently a Brandom Graham page got much attention, but this morning we’ve just seen Beat comments superstar Dustin Harbin..


And previously, Anders Nilsen:

And before that Chester Brown!


Click on links for the whole pages and Kirby originals.


  1. Dharbin’s page looks great… but the Chester Brown pages is surprisingly awesome and strange. It’s got a “Fletcher Hanks” vibe going on.

  2. Yeah I felt pretty good about how my page turned out — thanks Jay! — but then I scrolled down to Chester’s and was reminded of/humbled by how amazing that guy is.

  3. Wow, I haven’t seen Dustin’s page yet, it looks great!

    I’m the guy that hosts the Fantastic Four No. 9 Project website for Jason Young, and it’s always great to see these pieces up close!