It’s pretty well known tat Tom Fowler is one of the best artists out there—a great storyteller as well as a fantastic character designer. He’s been working doing character and concept designs for toys and animation, but according to the explanation of his nw Kickstarter project, he was feeling burnt out on drawing until his wife suggested he start playing D&D again…and the drawings he doodled in the margins inspired him to love art again.

It’s easy to see why. These are fantastic drawings, exploding with imagination and passion. Fowler’s been running them on a tumblr for a while but his kikstarter hopes to collect them in a a hardcover book called D&D&D: The Tabletop Fantasy Art of Tom Fowler . The book will reprint the pencilled sketches in high res form, but there are some full color prints that will be offered just as incentives.



The campaign is well under way after a few days but could use some help, so go get a copy of what looks to be a stunning book of fantasy art.