Add up these BRIGHTEST DAY covers by Ryan Sook, with help from Fernando Pasarin, Joel Gomez, and Jim Lee and you get a nice Michelangelo pastiche. (Click for larger version)

NOTE: We were hesitant to post a piece of work whose first comment from one “haljordan” was “THIS JUST GAVE ME THE BIGGEST FANGASM OF MY LIFE! ” but…


  1. The original can be found here:

    The above image seems to replicate the Sistine Chapel ceiling, although it removes the webs and pendentives.

    Deadman is Zechariah, a prophet known for his messianiac prophecies. This parallels the story in Brightest Day, as Deadman must find the successor to the White Lantern Entity. Aquaman is, of course, Jonah. The poses of the sibyls and prophets is not replicated, although the number is correct.

    The Ceiling’s Central Story space is chronological, reading right to left. Since the DC image is not divided like the Ceiling, the only parallel is the first image, Separation of Light from Darkness, which here is shown as The Hand of Krona. (This created the original multiverse, as well the anti-matter universe. Krona had dealings with Nekron, but not since The Crisis.)

    Oh, and the White Lantern (God?) has tasked each figure with a mission, which can be considered prophecy.

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