It’s no secret that Fargo Season 2 is better than Season 1, which was already great, and it’s one of the best shows on TV even in this Golden Age. A tragic yet endearing mix of Midwestern pluck, human frailty, greed and the mysterious, Noah Hawley’s exalted Coen Brothers fanfic has the properties that made the original movie so great and a magic all its own. If you are not watching it, fire up the HULU and don’t waste a minute!

And I predict all the amazing plot twists and characters – the inept yet driven Blumqists, Lou Solverson in his burgundy pants, Nick Offerman’s eloquent drunk lawyer, the vengeful Gerhardt family, led by the unforgettable woman named Floyd, Hanzee the unstoppable hit man, and of course, Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers—will provide fodder for fan art and even cosplay for a while. And Nick Sumida (Snaackies, Harvey Beaks) has kicked things off on Instagram.

I'm looking forward to more Jessica Jones adventures. #fanart #jessicajones

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Sumida also like Jessica Jones.

Fargo is my favorite show. I'm so excited for next week's finale. #fargo #fanart

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How about it people? Do you love Fargo? Have you drawn some fan art? Links!