Adrian Tomine, whose collection Killing and Dying is what everyone is going to be talking about this fall, has the cover of this week’s New Yorker and it’s s typically note perfect image of gentrification in the face of raw sewage, otherwise known as Life In These Here Five Boroughs. In case you’re not a local the cover refers to the Gowns Canal a thin ribbon of toxic sewage than runs through an ultra trendy area of Brooklyn. For locals, the Gowanus was long a punchline and if you’d told our foremothers in 1992 that people would be thinking it was fine to leave nearby they would have laughed themselves silly.

The above link has a gallery of Tomine’s other covers and they are all equally perfect, although I’m particularly partial to the one about moving to Jersey. Others love tha updated “Shop round the Corner” image from 2008 or the classic subway missed connection. He’s good.





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