NEWS UPDATE: Starling City Also Crime-Free Thanks to Batkid

Reports yesterday revealed the presence of crime-fighting hero Batkid in Gotham City and San Francisco yesterday – but it appears that his present is now being felt as part of a ripple-effect across America. It looks as though his actions yesterday have got criminals running scared in Starling City as well, the home of Green Arrow, Diggle, and Felicity Smoak.


In footage captured by secret cameras, the trio gather together in the ArrowCave to discuss the sharp fall in crime now that BatKid is out there. Now… I don’t think I can get the video to play on The Beat, so instead click over here to see the full message. 

Where will BatKid be seen next?! Can it be long until he heads down to Metropolis to sort out Lex Luthor?

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