Back in August I was raving about this completely addictive creator owned comic from the Marvel maestro and indie hotshot team, and it seems as if Oni Press agree – in Feburary 2014 they will publish The Bunker #1, collecting the first five chapters of the hit digital series.

The BunkerFor a quick look at what the comic is about, let’s steal a bit from my advance review and preview of the first chapter:

The Bunker then is literal, discovered by five friends (Grady, Billy, Heidi, Daniel and Natasha) when they go to bury a time capsule in the Angeles National Forest. Digging down, Grady uncovers a rusty metal door in the ground. A door that improbably has all of their names already engraved upon it. The friends investigate, thinking that it has to be some kind of a prank while joking about Lost. The preview ends as the door is opened.

And you’re hooked, right?! I’m hooked, completely, and believe me that if you think those four pages are intriguing then you ain’t seen nothing yet! What the friends find down there, and what it means for their past, present and future is… well, you’ll see.

Fialkov books are almost always worth picking up; the man is a master of characterisation. I, Vampire remains my favourite comic of the entire New 52, bizarrely cancelled despite how excellent it was (and how strong the tpb sales were). So The Bunker was a comic I immediately leapt on, and if like me you think the preview is good, just wait until you see what starts to unfold!

I’d recommend The Bunker to anyone who a) loved Lost, b) wanted to love Lost but gave up on the ridiculousness of it, c) enjoys speculative fiction, or d) likes fantastic character driven work. And at $3.99 for the first 48 pages, you really can’t lose!

For more information see my previous interview on all things Bunker with Fialkov.

And the comic itself can be found here: The Bunker


  1. Fialkov is my new favorite. After I’ Vampire I went back to read some of his older stuff and it was great. Echoes is one of the best stories I had read in a while. and you know a man is talented when he can get you to like Alpha.

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