News has been piling up like cordwood…this is where we stack it up in the woodshed.

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¶ The website of the Flying Colors comic shop has a whole section devoted to comics by Jeff Bonivert including, for a limited time, an entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. They are also posting new comics about the store mascot, Captain Four Color. This is such a natural for comics shops, we’re surprised more don’t do it.


¶ The Hollywood Reporter previewed HUPITER’S LEGACY by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. It’s Frank Quitely so it’s all good.


¶ Just the other day we were pining for NFL SuperPro, and now Action Lab is releasing a line of comic books based on NFL RUSH ZONE: Season of the Guardians. The comics will debut at the NFL Experience prior to this year’s Super Bowl.

David Dwonch, Action Lab’s Creative Director, added, “The NFL RUSH ZONE comic book series is based on football–America’s most popular sport.  Each publication features NFL players and teams as they work with the characters from the animated TV show to protect their Megacore.” 

Each issue of the NFL RUSH ZONE comic book series features Ishmael “Ish” Taylor, an eleven-year old boy who serves as the primary protagonist, as well as other NFL Guardians. Guardians are the chosen young protectors of the players and their teams. Issues will feature current NFL players and one or more NFL Rusher, who assists the Guardians in protecting the NFL and the world from would-be conquerors.  Each of the 32 NFL teams has Rusherz, and over time every team will have stories directly related to their games. 

The world needs football comic books.

¶ Viz is doing more original graphic novels–but not manga. Instead it’s licensed MAX STEEL comics, based on the new cartoon debuting on Disney XD in March, as part of their Viz Kids line.

Max Steel is the ultimate aspirational teen hero with a secret! The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a teenaged boy named Maxwell McGrath™ and his out-of-this world alien companion, Steel. Both have super strengths and powers, Max with Turbo energy and Steel with alien intellect. Steel gives Maxwell the ability to harness his power while merging his own to create one unified super force, Max Steel. When they combine forces to create Max Steel, the ultimate superhero is unleashed- unlocking their inner heroes.


¶ Recently, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee guested on an episode of Face Off, the makeup reality show. The winner of the episode was Anthony Kosar, and his character, The Infernal Core, appears in today’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #16.


  1. I’m not sure if you were trying to be snarky about the NFL Rush Zone comic book, but it looks like the kids at the NFL Experience today want it judging by these pics that Action Lab has posted on their twitter feed:

    At least a publisher is making an effort to make a comic to get in the hands of children.

    You may not like football, you may not like football comics, but there are those who do and maybe it could lead to a new reader base that branches out to read other comics.

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