And we’ll update as Wonder Woman and Cyborg are revealed:

On Saturday a new trailer for Justice League will be unveiled, and just to get everyone warmed up, director Zack Snyder and the official JL movie twitter unveiled a new poster…

Which is like, oh good, a dark, angry logo. Just what we’ve been waiting for. And then Individual mini trailers for Aquaman, Batman and the Flash were unveiled, along with new posters.




AND Cyborg:




Presumably we’ll get Wonder Woman and Cyborg tomorrow. Superman is dead so I guess we’ll never see him again.

While we see more of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as The Flash in these mini trailers – and what we see is quite enticing – the overall vibe is a return to the grim, gritty, mist-swathed, smoke obscured, metallic vistas that we came to know and love in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. No one directs a superhero movie like Zack Snyder, whose visual sense of fantastic action is miles ahead of all but a handful of filmmakers. But I feel like we’re kind of done with that and people are ready to laugh and live and smile again.

WB has been at pains to say that the Justice League movie will be funny and have warmth. The previous trailer had some good moments from Miller, in particular. But these mini trailers just look like more of the teeth gritting glowering that made BvS such a…memorable film. And everyone is covered head to toe in scales, or rubber, or bondo or something…except Wonder Woman of course becayse she doesn’t need no freakin’ exo-skeleton.

BUT they are only mini teasers! Much more to come before Justice League opens this November.


  1. With all sincerity, I can’t help but think that working on these movies with Snyder would have made Affleck’s alcohol problems worse. Affleck’s not a dumb man, and has more than enough experience to recognize how these movies feel.

  2. “Just despising that Flash costume was enough for me to decide not to see this.”

    That’s the main reason I’ve avoided watching “All the President’s Men” all these years: I can’t stand Dustin Hoffman’s wardrobe in that movie. Seems like a legit reason to avoid the movie at all costs.

  3. It’s not even the Flash costume . . . from the trailer it’s the making Barry Allen into Peter Parker that has me worried.
    That’s fine, though, if it finds its audience. At least I’ll always have the comics . . .

  4. The tv show has already basically turned Barry Allen into Peter Parker, so that’s really nothing new.

  5. Zack Snyder haters are truly a parody unto themselves. Wow, what an awful, angry, mean-looking, dark, scary logo… I don’t even get that vibe, folks. You just have to read something negative into this so you can provide your anti-Snyder narrative. Did you complain about the darkness of this logo? https://38.media.tumblr.com/08d028367a9284a4ff391542a929ce4e/tumblr_nemvt4FB5R1rendzlo1_1280.gif

    You know what? If you hated BvS, you probably won’t like this movie. It wasn’t made for you. I doubt that Snyder has bowed to your whims.

  6. Seriously, let’s not jump into any conclusion too soon. Certainly Zack’s narrative and visual style is not for everyone and he had done a fantastic job with Ben as batman, imagine the whole internet went crazy few years back when he casted ben as Batman but I certainly feel Ben is pretty close to become the best bat in recent past.

  7. You pricky gustin fanboys, should shut the F up. Just because he’s better, STOP making new cringy reasons why Gustin is better. I want you all to shut up. Thank you.

  8. How… The hell… Can you possibly be this negative??? Those teasers are hype you absolute moron. Why don’t you like fun things?

  9. What an incredibly biased and pointless article. This writer sucks. The trailers and posters scream action and over the top visuals more than anything. If you want fun Disney crap watch marvel.

  10. “New Justice League mini-trailers provide unsettling reminder that Zack Snyder directed this movie”

    *rolls eyes* f uck off, moron troll.

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