Social media proves itself more volatile than ever on Tuesday as Cobra takes over the IDW comics Twitter page. The nefarious organization is known widely for its efforts to thwart the highly decorated Army officer Joe Colton, who will be deploying a new G.I. Joe comic in response. At time of writing, it’s unclear what Cobra wants, other than total obedience from all of IDW’s 137,000 Twitter followers.
Early that morning, Cobra tweeted the following alarming message.

Intimidating though it may be, Cobra’s accompanying link bears hope. None other than G.I. Joe himself is prepared for counter action with help from publisher IDW. Together, they’re prepared to launch a series of pamphlets disguised as comics to give citizens a way out of Cobra’s harsh regime. The writer for this series, Paul Allor, sneaked the following message through enemy surveillance:
“This story is inspired both by modern warfare – where non-state actors fight vastly overpowered militaries to a perpetual standstill – and World War II, where Great Britain’s SOE recruited civilians behind enemy lines. Old-school G.I. Joe fans will absolutely love it and find it true to everything G.I. Joe stands for, and new folks will be attracted to a deeply character-driven tale of hope and humanity, and about the power of resilience in an increasingly unraveling world.”
The straits may be dire, but hold out. Pamphlets will also bear illustrations from artist Chris Evenhuis, veteran to the G.I. Joe series. Later that day, a piece of Cobra propaganda was also apparently intercepted by operatives who slipped in their own hidden message.

Local comic shops and digital distributors are working to covertly deliver the G.I. Joe comics beginning this September. Here’s what they’ll look like:
G.I. Joe