The Marvel Universe’s smallest hero is getting the spotlight once again. The publisher announced today a new Ant-Man series by writer Zeb Wells and artist Dylan Burnett. The series, which is not specified as either an ongoing or a miniseries, will star Scott Lang as the titular hero, as well as his daughter, Cassie, as Stinger.

Here’s how Marvel describes the new series:

The series will open with Scott Lang down on his luck and desperate for adventure until he’s looped in for a job only he can accomplish. What begins as a seemingly unheroic task for local beekeepers rapidly escalates into a conspiracy that could threaten the Earth! Throughout this journey, Ant-Man will not only have to prove himself as a hero, but as a parent to his daughter Cassie Lang as well. A Super Hero herself, Cassie will be joining her dad as Stinger as the father/daughter duo embark on this bug-filled quest together, along with many of your other favorite Marvel Super Heroes!

(Ant-Man doing his part to help beekeepers stem the worsening die-off rate for local beehives is hardly an unheroic task, given how vital pollinators are to agriculture. I don’t know if that’s specifically what the series is about, but it’d be interesting if it was.)

Scott Lang’s last series was a five-issue Ant-Man & The Wasp miniseries by Mark Waid and Javier Garron, which teamed Scott with current Wasp Nadia Van Dyne for an adventure into the microverse. The dynamic between Scott and Cassie in the forthcoming series should be an entertaining one, while the addition of Cassie Lang as Stinger to the new series could portend her superhero transformation in a forthcoming Ant-Man 3 film, for which it was announced last week that director Peyton Reed would be returning.

Check out artist Eduard Petrovich‘s cover, as well as full solicitation text, for the first issue of the new series below. Published by Marvel Comics, Ant-Man #1 is slated to go on sale in February 2020.

Ant-Man #1
Ant-Man #1

Written by ZEB WELLS

Ant-Man is back and doing better than ever! Er, at least according to him, but Stinger and the anthill he’s living in say otherwise. Desperate to raise his daughter’s opinion of him, Ant-Man takes a job from local beekeepers only to uncover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! No time to call the Avengers, this sounds like a job for –ANT-MAN?! Join the explosive creative team of Zeb Wells (NOVA) and Dylan Burnett (X-FORCE, COSMIC GHOST RIDER) as they take Ant-Man to all-new heights in this epic adventure!