You’ll forgive me for running a comic book movie story this week that isn’t Avengers: Infinity War.

Failsafe is a comic from Vault Comics written by F.J. DeSanto and Todd Farmer, with art by Federico Dallocchio.  Deadline has reported that Netflix won an auction for the rights to that comic.  Michael B. Jordan is tentatively attached to star – if he likes the script – and it just so happens that Black Panther co-screenwriter Joe Robert Cole is scripting and producing.

OK, I guess this is vaguely Avengers-related when you look at the talent associated with the project.  And while I think we’ve already established that Netflix likes comic book properties, it’s not like they’ve slowed down acquiring them.

Failsafe’s description from Comixology:

When he executed the last nanotech-enhanced super soldier, John Ravane thought that was the end of the haywire Insurgence Program. Ten years later, in the wake of social unrest, its true legacy is revealed. As sleeper agents scattered throughout the country activate, Ravane must stand between a government he cannot trust and the soldiers he once hunted.