The personnel shuffle at comics companies continues as Jeanine Schaefer has joined Boom! Studios as executive editor. Schaefer made her mark as an editor and talent manager at Marvel and has been freelance editing books for several companies, including Boom! and Image of late.

Sshaefer will report directly to editor in chief Matt Gagnon and oversee a “yet-to-be-revealed line of titles.” Something for the hot stove league there!

Who else is left out there to get hired? These musical chairs are playing a five act opera.

Bio and quotes below.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Creative Writing and Literature from Hofstra University in 2000, Schaefer has distinguished herself for over fourteen years as an influential figure in the comic book industry, discovering new voices and championing diversity both on the page and behind the scenes. Beginning her career at DC Entertainment in 2004, as an Associate Editor Schaefer was an instrumental part of the landmark 52 weekly comic book series and Grant Morrison’s acclaimed run on Batman, along with guiding iconic series like Robin and Legion of Super-Heroes. Schaefer later moved to Marvel Entertainment in 2008 where she played a key role in developing the groundbreaking “Women of Marvel” initiative, including the acclaimed Girl Comics limited series in 2010; overseeing the historic first gay super hero wedding in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #51, which saw the publisher partner with NYC Mayor Bloomberg in 2012; the Eisner Award-nominated Mystic; and the top-selling “Death of Wolverine” storyline in the pages of Wolverinein 2014. She was promoted to Senior Manager, Talent Relations in 2014 where she focused on discovering new voices to further develop existing and new Marvel Comics characters, drawing acclaim from outlets like NPR, Jezebel and more. Recently, Schaefer has edited critically acclaimed series at publishers including the award-nominated Jonesy for BOOM! Studios in 2015 and Motor Crush from Image Comics in 2016.

“I’m so excited to join BOOM! Studios right now, as they take the next step in their growth as a progressive voice in comics,” said Schaefer. “BOOM! Studios’ mission and outlook, their dedication to partnering with creators to expand the scope of comics and the breadth of their readership are all vital to the health of the industry.”

Added Gagnon, “This is one of the most important years in BOOM! history, as we’ve become a Premiere Publisher at Diamond Distributors and continue to expand our commitment to original stories, as well as their presence in film, television, novels, and more. Adding the powerful voice of an acclaimed editor like Jeanine to our team in a senior role provides a unique opportunity to expand our company’s creative vision. Jeanine is one of the best in the business and her addition to BOOM! editorial further strengthens one of the most dynamic teams in comics.”