The last time Dynamic Forces was scheduled to be on Canada’s The Shopping Channel, the trip was cancelled due to an ice storm.  That show has been rescheduled for tonight at midnight ET / 9PM PT.  Dynamic Forces (and Dynamite Entertainment) founder, Nick Barrucci, will be on the air with a variety of variant covers and signed books, with an emphasis on Action Comics #1000 and Avengers: Infinity Wars-related titles.  Glance left for the Curt Swan pencil cover.

Official PR follows:

TORONTO, CANADA — Help celebrate one of the greatest super-heroes of all time in a once-in-a-lifetime landmark issue – Superman in Action Comics #1000! – in time for Superman’s 80th Anniversary, with Dynamic Forces and The Shopping Channel! In addition to this monumental issue, Dynamic Forces is bringing in limited edition and signed comics celebrating Marvel’s biggest movie to date – The Avengers: Infinity War! Dynamic Forces is the comic book industry’s top producer of limited edition and autographed memorabilia.

More info for show time and items:

DC Comics SUPERMAN’S ACTION COMICS 1000 — featuring renowned Superman writer and illustrator Dan Jurgens — who has drawn AND signed the DF Exclusive Cover of Action Comics #1000. A featured item is the Dynamic Forces Exclusive Variant Wrap Around Cover in color and pure line art black and white editions. Also included is a Classic Pencil Sketch Variant Cover from the longest running Superman artist, Curt Swan. Additionally, the show will feature a special selection package of Eleven Action 1000 Variant Covers depicting the Man of Steel throughout the decades; from his inception in 1930 through present time with classic artists, Dan Jurgens, Jim Steranko, Dave Gibbons, Joshua Middleton, Steve Rude, Michael Allred, Lee Bermejo, Michael Cho and Jim Lee. These covers are sold out at the distributor level and through many retailers across the country, and DF is bringing first prints to air!!!!!!!

Warner Brothers, DC Comics Publishing is celebrating a the greatest landmark anniversary in comics history, Action Comics issue #1000 and also their titular character, Superman’s 80th anniversary. Superman was created by writer, Jerry Siegel and artist, Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. Superman debuted in DC Comics’ Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938. Since that time, with multiple successful appearances in radio serials, newspaper strips, television programs, films, and a plethora of games, Superman has become an international icon and is the established superhero archetype in the American comic book industry. Superman has fascinated scholars, cultural theorists, commentators, and critics alike exploring the character’s role and impact in the United States and worldwide. As many know, Joe Shuster originally hails from Canada, and is one of Canada’s “hometown heroes” who created one of the most iconic characters of all itme!

Action Comics number #1000 has made history as the anniversary issue heralding the longest running super-hero comic book in publishing anywhere in the world. Concurrently, it will mark the 80th Anniversary of Superman, the first superhero ever created and published for the first time in Action Comics issue #1. This historic 1,000th issue will have a special Dynamic Forces release signed by Dan Jurgens, one of the writer/artists most closely associated with Superman in his entire 80-year history.

To date, the best selling Superman comic book of all time was the “Death of Superman” storyline that made international headlines and met with enormous success, and whose work also included Dan Jurgens – Superman’s longest running writer/artist. All of the DC Comics Superman titles gained international exposure, reaching the top of the comics sales charts and selling out overnight. The event was widely covered by national and international news media.

Legendary 25-year Superman creator, writer and artist Dan Jurgens is leading the creative team for this giant sized anniversary issue of Action Comics #1000. There have been many talented writers and artists that have contributed to the Superman mythos over the years, but few have been as historically impactful as Dan Jurgens, who has served as both writer and artist at various points in Superman publishing history from 1989 to the present. Dan Jurgens created the villain Doomsday, one of Superman’s most iconic nemesis and the Death of Superman Storyline culminated in his series run. The legendary writer and artist has made many important contributions to the world of comic books throughout his career, but it’s his work on the seminal “Death of Superman” storyline that has proven to be the most influential and widely read. As one of the writers and artists behind that legacy-defining storyline and the author and artist of its final issue, Jurgens’ work on the character can be felt in nearly every Superman story we’ve seen since. His work has earned him several awards over the years, including the 1994 National Cartoonists Society Award for Best Comic Book.

The book has incredible stories from luminaries such as Pete Tomasi, Tom King, Louise Simonson, Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, Marv Wolfman, Brad Meltzer, John Cassaday and so many more incredible creators!

Marvel’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR — features a special selection of commemorative comic book issues from historic Marvel and Avengers comics that have led to concepts and ideas used in the Avengers: Infinity War movie. The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. Quickly ramping up to become the biggest event in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in turn become a historically monumental Box-Office smash, the movie brings together many of the heroes and villains introduced across 18 movies to do battle with the mad villain, Thanos. Television spots for Avengers: Infinity War preview footage from the film and focus on fan-favorite characters: Spider-Man, Black Panther, Thor, Falcon, Captain America and Iron Man. The film hit theaters April 27, and Marvel is keeping fans’ excitement high with trailers and news clips from the film. TSC will debut the special comic book Variant Covers on May 2.

Avengers: Infinity War is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: Civil War) from a script by Captain America franchise screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The film brings back a long list of Marvel movie-verse stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and many, many more. The feature film is the record-breaking highest grossing opening weekend of all time shattering all records!

Dynamic Forces features a collection of rare Avengers themed Variant Comic Book Covers along with original Sketch Art Covers featuring Thanos and a who’s-who of popular Avengers characters including Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, Thor, Spider-Man and the villainous Thanos. All of these collections are signed in black and gold ink by prominent industry creators including Alex Ross, Jonathan Hickman, Adam Cleveland, Brian Kong, Joe Del Beato and Mariano Nicieza.

Hosting this anniversary landmark show is Dynamic Forces’ founder and CEO Nick Barrucci, “I can’t express how excited I am to bring so many great comic collectibles to The Shopping Channel — introducing Action Comics #1000, a truly landmark issue of the longest running Superhero Comic of all time, to The Shopping Channel fans! This is a great issue that I feel those who pick it up will appreciate how many wonderful creative teams came together to produce this masterpiece, and we have it signed by a name very closely associated with the Man of Steel – Dan Jurgens! To add to that, we have Metal #1’s – DC’s best-selling event series – signed by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo! And to have more Avengers and Infinity tie-ins to the show with signatures of such luminaries as Jonathan Hickman and Alex Ross helps create a very well rounded show.” States DF CEO Nick Barrucci. “I’ve said this before, and believe it strongly, the ability to appear on air to bring these great comics to a large audience helps grow the industry one reader at a time. It’s the best feeling in the world!”

Mr. Barrucci brings with him, decades of comic book collecting experience and a true passion for the genre to create an exciting, fun-filled hour of collectible comic book TV history.

Additional selected signed comics featured on the show are Metal #1 Variant Cover with Gradient Art with two signatures by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Also, the world premier of the classic 1980’s Marvel 25th Anniversary Issue – Spider-Man Marvel Tales #190 signed by iconic artist John Romita.

Mr. Barrucci states, “We’re pulling out all the stops to make this a super-memorable show!” Dynamic Forces promises many more artists and comic books to be revealed for the TSC Wednesday May 3 Midnight show, many unavailable online or anywhere else.

Also featured on the show are select comic book collections that include the Invaders and Marvel Secret Wars and many other popular Marvel characters.

All Comic Books to premiere at the TSC Dynamic Forces Show beginning tonight at 12 Midnight/ 9PM PST.

More info for show time and items: