Writer: Alan Martin

Artist: Jamie Hewlett

Colors: Tracy Bailey

Publisher: Titan Comics

One release to look out for on this new comic books day is an oldy and goody: Tank Girl!

Published by Titan Comics, Tank Girl Full Color Classics 1988-1989 #1 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the tank loving and mutant kangaroo dating female outlaw. Though they were first released in “glorious” black and white by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, these re-released classics now are in full color, fulfilling how its creators would have loved to see them 30-years ago. Though the title is a mouthful, the comic is still the same delightful level of shenanigans.

A fresh coat of color isn’t the only thing new that this 30-year-old comic features. These “preside editions” also include contemporary covers and feature rare and unseen artwork. Compiled into six collector’s comics books, these classic Tank Girl comics seem like a must-have.

Tank Girl Full Color Classics 1988-1989 #1 retails for $6.99 and is available today. Find it at your local comic book story today!


  1. Great art and storytelling. No page count on these editions though. So maybe two issues of the original series for one of these? (more would be good

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