We received a note the other day about Time’s Top Ten of Everything being far from everything, since it doesn’t include Graphic Novels. It does have a (rather unimaginative, we think) Top 10 Editorial Cartoons, and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book made the Top Ten Books.

It’s a little sad, considering that last year, Comics got their own top ten , led by ACHEWOOD, and in 2006, FUN HOME was named the Best Book, period. Why the diss? Could it be the continuing vacuum left when regular comics reviewer Andrew Arnold departed a few years ago? (Comics-friendly Lev Grossman is still on board, however.)

The loss of a single comics mole can signal a serious crimp in any media outlet’s comics coverage. For instance, we haven’t noticed as much comics coverage at Entertainment Weekly since Nisha Gopalan left.

This could all be a coincidence. Or maybe comics just aren’t the cool new thing, any more, or not as cool as eating goat meat, anyway.

We’ll live.


  1. Ah, but every little bit helps. They can’t erase Fun Home’s honor. Or Dark Knight’s One Billion Dollar Box Office. Some teen will see a review, and that little grain of sand will inspire a pearl many years later.
    So Time Warner doesn’t have a list. boo freakin’ hoo. Look at all the other lists… NPR and New York Magazine and Penn State. And the Year’s Best American Comics. And so many amazing anthologies!
    Meanwhile, this mole has 8000 titles from Diamond Books to process for B&N.

  2. We have a local goat lady at a farmer’s market up here in Baby Beat land –she had slivers of smoked goat leg of kid –really snacky good.

  3. This is news because Time.com was one of the first places to HAVE a Top Ten Comics Of The Year list (usually compiled by the much-missed Andrew Arnold), going back to the turn of the century. Perhaps Time.com is once again ahead of the curve????

    I like goat meat.

  4. I have to say, I’m dorkily pleased that Speed Racer made their Top 10 movies, not just because I’m one of the five people who actually liked it, but their little blurb about it is totally true– that by next summer, so many movies will be aping aspects of the style and special effects.

  5. goat actually ain’t that bad. At the place I work, it’s cooked to a taste of a cross between lamb and venison. And it’s organically grown from a nearby farm. true, I was a little hesitant at first, but it’s good. And as for lot’s of Italian being mex-italian now, I can assume that’s because of the workers in the food biz are so heavily latino, that their influence would obviously, eventually, be merged somehow.