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It’s not quite what you think.


  1. Well done. Now this is using the net as a publicity tool to market your product. Well thought out and with strong content. Here is one place I’ll frequent more often. This is how webcomics should be made.

  2. Awesome art and design! Well done package over all. Looks like a lot of love went into to this one.

    I know there is a story in there but I guess I’ll have to wait until the end to make sense of it all. Hmmmm…. Could this be an intended response the artist/writer is seeking with the work as a metaphor for life? Interesting…

  3. Thanks again to all of the commentators. Some very flattering things have been said and now I am going to get a valve placed in my forehead to relieve some of the swelling. I’ll forward my medical expenses on to you all. In particular:

    Thanks Tim, Tone, Marcus, Scott, George, Al and Mark and of course, Heidi. I hope to see you all commenting at the Act-i-vate site!