blomkamp alien

Here’s a fun little “what if..?” to start off your new year. The mastermind behind the Academy Award nominated District 9 and the less well regarded Elysium was secretly working on his own version of an Alien sequel, at least at the conceptual stage.

Blomkamp took to Twitter, via an unverified account, last night and posted a series of images that gave some hints as to where he would take the franchise if ever given the opportunity.

Here are the images he posted along with the above Xenomorph:

blomkamp alien 7 blomkamp alien 6 blomkamp alien 5 blomkamp alien 4 blomkamp alien 3 blomkamp alien 2

It should be noted though that Blomkamp stated that he was not working with 20th Century Fox in any way with this project. To that end, its basically really well designed fan-fiction, but the possibilities of one of the more interesting current sci-fi filmmakers hoping on board a series with a history of pretty great directors (awful Predator crossovers aside) certainly makes the mind reel.

Plus, in Blomkamp’s version, Hicks would still be alive!

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